Welcome to A+S BioTec

Dear customer, dear business partner,

the employees and management of A+S BioTec are pleased to provide you with this detailed homepage about us. It has been designed in line with our philosophy of natural products, state-of-the-art technology, customer orientation, creativity, cooperation and cost effectiveness.

We want to establish close contact with you, to better understand your wishes and needs and to be able to respond to them accurately – your input is the basis for our ongoing development and the expansion of our product and service range – to your advantage.

We know that you are looking for products and services that you are confident about in terms of quality, reliability and price – products and services that you can trust.

Trust is a crucial element for both of us. We know that you have to deliver your services and products on time and at the right quality to maintain the trust of your own customers. The quality of the raw materials is just as important for us as our controlled production processes. We are experts in quality management, accepting no compromises whatsoever. Not today, nor in the future.

We assure you that we provide top quality products at all times, thanks to premium processing in our company using our own laboratory testing facilities. Your trust is our most important capital.

At A+S BioTec our products and services stand for innovation, safety and quality – for you and your company.

Get to know us, our company and our commitment to quality!

Kind regards,

Karl-Ludwig Schäfer
CEO of A+S BioTec