Natural products + beneficial ingredients = added value for your high-performance cosmetic products

Are you looking for natural ingredients for your modern range of cosmetics? Then try our innovative products, which can be used as antioxidants, peeling particles, carrier products and stabilisers.

A+S BioTec is an innovative company specialising in the micronisation of vegetable raw materials for high-quality cosmetic products. 

For your range of cosmetic applications, we have micronised native and exotic fruits as well as vegetables and cereals. These refined products in powder form will be presented by us at “in-cosmetics” in Milan.

Our fruit and vegetable powders are both, a natural source of antioxidants, and high-performance ingredients for your modern anti-ageing cosmetics. 

Our yellow-orange sea-buckthorn powder is made from whole berries, which contain significant amounts of beta-carotene and vitamins. It’s an outstanding product for use in skincare products. Sea-buckthorn powder integrates optimally into both oil-based and water-based creams, infusing them with a vibrant yellow-orange colour.

Would you like something special and are you looking for an innovative ingredient for your anti-ageing product range? We recommend you try our coffee bean powder or our luminous green broccoli powder - a true source of antioxidant-carotenoids and vitamins. 

Our fruit kernel flours are made especially from grape and raspberry seeds, and thanks to their composition are ideal for facial and body peeling. They cleanse the skin gently while also supplying it with valuable anthocyanins. 

Our cereal flours are the basic products for lotions, soaps and powders. Did you know that you can use wheat flour and rice flour as a talcum substitute in deodorants ?

We look forward to meeting you at Stand Q 26 at “in-cosmetics” in Milan. We will be happy to inform you in detail about our untreated pr