Sustainability – our responsibility towards nature, people and the environment

A+S BioTec produces high-quality products from renewable resources in order to live up to its responsibility towards nature, people and the environment.

These days, the word ‘sustainability’ is often used as a marketing tool.
Is sustainability more than just a trend for your company – is it an expression of an environmentally friendly and health-conscious way of life?
Moreover, would you like to use products made from renewable, GMO-free raw materials and, if possible, purchase them directly from the producer in secure and minimal packaging?

Welcome to the world of A+S BioTec!

With our products we support the food and cosmetics industry to optimise their products’ environmental fingerprint.

Saving finite resources for future generations – that has always been our philosophy. Over the years, A+S BioTec has further developed traditional technologies and specialised in ultra-fine milling focussing on the product and protection of the environment. 
We livee our corporate guidelines and process only renewable, GMO-free resources, such as grains, fruits and vegetables, turning them into valuable powdered products. 

We procure our grains directly from agricultural enterprises. We currently purchase the fruit and vegetable raw products directly from distributors and pre-suppliers who have sustainable practices. In the near future, we plan to purchase from producers to an even greater extent, in order to take the local social aspects further into account. Especially for our customers in the cosmetics industry, we are striving to offer fruit, vegetable and grain products that are organically certified. 

A+S BioTec stands for natural, pure products and for a high standard of quality. Depending on each product requirement, we consider possible risk groups (so-called YOPIs) as early as the development stage. Our extensive HACCP applies to all production steps, packaging and shipping.

Do you require safety data sheets in the cosmetics industry? A+S BioTec can provide these to you so as to assure you of their product and consumer safety.

A+S BioTec is constantly improving its environmental performance, for instance by separating and minimising recyclable, organic and residual waste according to strict practices.
We reduce the amount of packaging material used whenever possible without negatively affecting quality. Upon specific request we can also deliver our products in big bags. 

A+S BioTec is certified IFS 5 high level. We continually refine our quality management system. In the future, we will also integrate components of an energy and environmental management system. Our long-term goal is full certification, which we seek as a means of providing evidence of our efforts and our responsibility towards nature, people and the environment.