Micro-fine and rich in fibre


A+S BioTec develops and produces natural, powder products from cereal and fruit kernels, as well as fibre-containing cereal ingredients. The micro-fine flours produced on special mills have a particle size ranging from 200 µm – 40 µm and can be optimally incorporated into various matrices.

Oat and wheat bran are known sources of dietary fibre that are used to fortify many foods. However, the high proportion of husk and bran particles has an adverse effect on the matrix, impedes the workability and leaves a significant mouthfeel in the final product. Micro-milled bran from A+S BioTec can be used to optimise incorporation and the particle size used to control the mouthfeel.

The oat bran from A+S BioTec which is ground to 200 µm has a naturally occurring beta-glucan content of 6%. The bio-availability of this insoluble dietary fibre is improved by fine milling and is not adversely affected by the gentle micronisation of oat bran into finer grain size ranges. 

The chicory powder MR100 also fits well into the range of fibre-containing products of the company. The high concentration of natural inulin provides an effective fibre dosage. Roasting gives it the subtle taste of coffee/cappuccino and the outstanding binding and colouring properties give it excellent added value.


In addition to brans, the fibre-containing seed flours are also significant. Grape seed flour, which is available in the particle sizes 300 µm, 200 µm and 100 µm and has 59% insoluble fibre, is a natural enrichment source for a variety of foods. The product's antioxidants provide additional added value.

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