Selected vegetable ingredients for sausage products

Dedicated product developers are faced with the challenge of giving projects new momentum when it comes to creating innovative sausage products. The use of components optimised for processing allows attractive elements to be added, with the aim of obtaining more modern products together with optimised nutritional composition and “clean” product declarations.

A+S BioTec’s strength is the physical optimisation of naturally renewable raw materials for various uses, without using chemicals. One of these physical processes involves micronisation by finely grinding the raw materials.

These micronised ingredients are then highly suited for use in innovative sausage products.

Micronised bran products

The focus of ongoing food science discussions is on increasing the amount of fibre in our diet. Due to its complex processing and obvious sensation when in the mouth, bran has rarely featured in sausage products up to now. However, micronised bran can now be added and its sensation in the mouth can be controlled by the size of the particles. To this end, bran can be used with a particle size distribution up to 90% less than 100 µm and, in some cases, less than 63 or 40 µm. Micronised oat bran also has the advantage of a relatively high dissolvable fibre content, meaning that it plays a major part in gel formation.

Vegetable protein perhaps?

A+S BioTec’s wheat gluten product obtains excellent results, especially in terms of gel formation. With this product, the gluten is denatured. The wheat starch structure is not destroyed, however, meaning that the exchange between animal protein and wheat protein can take place with almost unlimited percentage rates. In contrast to soya-based substitutes, this method produces a smoother taste, and also means that the end product cannot be subject to any GMO discussions.

New ideas – new directions

You can see at every buffet that ham and fruit are a great combination! If we add micronised fruit powders to ham sausage, we obtain pleasant taste sensations without having to resort  to flavourings. A+S BioTec’s micronised strawberry powder shows us that it can be easily added to provide an intense taste and pleasant colour, thanks to its gentle production and micronisation. Micronised cranberries with no added sugar or syrup are also highly suitable as colouring agents and flavourings. Fruit and vegetable powders customised to meet the customer's needs are also part of our product portfolio.

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