IFS-5.0 certification

IFS 5 at Higher Level achieved!

Our pledge to continually develop the quality of our products and services was successfully rewarded in August 2009 with certification to IFS at Higher Level.
A+S BioTec Food Ingredients and its production site, Abel + Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG, are pleased to announce this milestone in its quality policy to both existing and future customers.

With the successful certification at higher level, we guarantee you secure and top-quality products and efficient processes in our company, both now and in the future, to ensure that your products also meet the highest quality standards.

Certification to IFS 5 at Higher Level is the starting point for us in continuing to develop both our technical expertise and our cutting-edge production facilities to meet your high demands, and to dealing with resources responsibly.

Our hygiene and safety standards, constant optimisation of production processes and permanent quality assurance in our laboratories ensure that your demands with regard to the ingredients and the workable and application-technological safety of our products are met.
You can continue to rely on A+S BioTec Food Ingredients both now and in the future.