Beneficial and modern: Fibre without detours

Preparing concentrated or highly purified fibre to create such products as pure substances places increasing pressure on R&D and marketing in the food industry. At the end of the day, consumers expect to find ingredients in new products that they can relate to. How to explain to consumers the steady influx of “substances” into foodstuffs? Which raw materials can be used now to improve the product declaration?

Natural variety or building blocks

Current foodstuff product development is based on a building-block principle by filling a matrix as required by flavour carriers, colourings, binding agents, fibres, vitamins and the like. This type of development is now reaching its limits. E numbers have been largely eliminated from declarations and the number of ingredients reduced. But current trends focusing on the naturalness of ingredients or beauty foods contradict the old building-block model. On the one hand, consumers no longer understand the declaration lists; on the other, they call for reforms in ingredients in line with the new trends. This can only be achieved if the tools in the box are exchanged for those that favour more natural components.

Rethink instead of focusing on price!

Product development takes place in an area of conflict between internal and external interests. As a result, the ingredients should not only facilitate consumer-oriented declarations, but at the same time allow easy processing and be reasonably priced. A+S BioTec supplies the solutions to create innovative, valuable concepts.

The use of near-natural raw materials was often limited in the past due to insufficient reprocessing. Micronised brans, fruits and vegetables – with a significantly reduced mouth-feel – dry and long-life – near-natural value-added – A+S BioTec introduces you to a great variety of optimised raw materials for your modern products! In doing so, attention must be paid to the natural way in which the components on offered work.

For example, A+S BioTec’s Cranberry Powder M100 delivers not only large doses of antioxidant agents but also colouring and binding qualities – and of course a high fibre content. Based on the CPM100 it enables you not only to raise a product's fibre content in a natural way but also to retain cohesion and colour at the same time. And, as a genuine added value, it also contains an antioxidant agent.

In the same way, our Chicory Powder MR100 fits well with the new strategy in product development. The high natural inulin content ensures an effective fibre dosage. At the same time, the roasted powder is a superb flavour enhancer with a hint of coffee/cappuccino flavour. Its outstanding binding qualities represent an excellent added value.

Our Oat Bran M200 F is as close to a pure source of fibre as you can get. The extremely high fibre content is not only a result of the processing steps, but of the further processing of specially selected oat spelt bran.


Download fibre table as PDF

Further examples of opportunities for natural synergies using A+S BioTec products are presented in the chart. Fibre is not a formula component, but a near-natural, carefully processed ingredient.