A+S BioTec at In-Cosmetics in Milan

A+S BioTec is known as a creative driving force behind modern product ideas based on cereals, fruits and vegetables. So far our portfolio has been geared towards innovative companies in the food industry.

However, the latest market surveys and inquiries from a number of companies have prompted A+S BioTec to expand its product range to the cosmetics industry.

We have developed high-performing micronised powders from native and exotic fruits, vegetables and cereals for a wide range of cosmetic applications especially for this sector. Our natural products are free of preservatives, irradiation and extraction residues, and are available in a variety of grain sizes (200 µm - 40 µm).

We will present our cosmetics portfolio to you from   29 - 31 March 2011 at In-Cosmetics in Milan. The January issue of our newsletter will provide detailed information about our latest developments and their high-performance ingredients.