Fruit powders and roasted flours – the natural alternative to aromas and colourants

A+S BioTec develops and produces natural, highly refined plant-based specialities that can replace aromas, colourants and other additives that are subject to declaration.

Originally a milling company, A+S BioTec focuses on producing special mills that grind natural raw materials to powders ranging from grain sizes 200 µm – 20 µm in a completely mechanical process. This produces aromatic specialities with intense colours – healthy alternatives to aromas and colourants that are exempt from declaration.

The cranberry powder made from whole, unsweetened fruit refines yoghurt and ice cream with authentic fruit aromas. When the fruit is ground to a grain size of 100 µm the colour turns into an intense purple – ideal for giving ice cream or quark and whipped cream a variety of colours from pink to purple – in a natural way! The fruit powder can also be used in cereal bars as colourants and aromas that are exempt from declaration. What makes for an interesting taste experience is the combination of the sweet cereal bar with the sour fruit aroma of A+S BioTec's cranberry powder.
Due to the natural properties of the fruit that are preserved in the refining process, our fruit specialities are only free flowing to a certain extent, however they are easy to measure out. Another advantage for you is that they do not include additives or processing aids that you have to consider in your recipes.

A+S BioTec's roasted chicory powder is a truly multi-functional product. The chicory roots that are highly refined through gentle roasting and ground to 200 µm are very easy to measure out in dough and mixtures. The suitable quantities for muffins and cookies produce a coffee-brown colour and a strong mocha flavour without using additives that are subject to declaration. To give ice cream an aroma, only small quantities are needed to produce various colours from light to dark brown and flavours such as latte macchiato, coffee or mocha.
Frequently, whipped creams and baking creams have to be stabilised, mostly by using stabilisers that have to be declared. Instead, a natural alternative such as our multi-functional product could be used.

In addition to roasted chicory, A+S BioTec offers roasted flours made of barley, wheat, rye and oats that are suitable as natural colourants and aromas for baked goods and cereals.
A+S BioTec also offers flours made from gluten-free grains, such as microfine rice flour that can replace emulsifiers and stabilisers subject to declaration.

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