Add our range of possibilities to your processes

A+S BioTec is a company known for developing, manufacturing and refining plant-based raw materials. Our portfolio consists of micro-milled, highly refined products that are predominantly cereal-based.

As a competent and reliable contract manufacturing partner, we process solid products from the foodstuff and technology sectors. We provide customised products that we are also happy to develop together with our customers.

Our services includ:

  • Coarse and fine grinding
  • Mixing
  • Thermal treatment
  • Classification
  • Cleaning
  • Packaging

We use various mechanical milling technologies for the milling process. Depending on the product, we mill to grain sizes from 10 mm to d90<20 µm (90% less than 20 µm, measured with an air jet sieve in our analysis laboratory).

To homogenise flowable bulk goods, we have a number of mixers that thoroughly mix the mixture in a gentle way.

We have various types of dryers to dry powdered and fluidisable goods and to improve the microbiology for certain products.

We can package your products in sacks or big bags. Depending on the requirements, we are also happy to accommodate any customer-specific packaging requests.

Our company is certified according to IFS and QS standards. We have been granted a manufacturer's licence in accordance with organic and kosher guidelines and have also put a HACCP system in place to meet our requirements as a food processing company.

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