What we can offer

Refinement of plant-based raw materials

Tailored processes

As a competent and reliable partner for tailor-made processes, we support you in the development, manufacture and refinement of your raw materials and products.

We offer technical systems of various sizes and capacities – thus we are able to cover an extremely wide field of order volumes and to map required batch sizes from the development stage to full-blown large-scale production.

In addition, your product and your specific requirements determine the equipment used and the process chosen. With us, you can expect a comprehensive equipment line-up with a wide range of technologies and operations. The technical systems and equipment required for your product are selected and put together tailored to your project.

We process your product with the following technology:
Turbulent flow-, hammer-, beating cross- and impact-type mills
Conical screw- and ploughshare-mixer
Fluid bed-, grinding- and drum-dryer

We specialise in:
Mixing, coarse crushing / breaking, micronising, fermenting, sieving / sifting, drying, roasting, thermal treatment, protein enrichment and packaging solutions.

We offer many packaging solutions:
Goods in kraft paper bags/containers (with/without PE lining, aluminium-laminated PE bags/ containers, PE containers with and without valve, welded, sewn, folded), big bags up to approx. 1000 kg, as well as loading in silo vehicles and bulk and customer-specific packaging solutions.

Make our possibilities your processes!